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The Purple Promise Foundation to End Melanoma was founded in April of 2008 in memory of Jessica Hodgkins Dovi who lost her life to melanoma cancer at the age of 30.

In addition to raising awareness of the disease and how to prevent it, the foundation seeks to recognize and benefit melanoma cancer researchers and all others working to cure melanoma cancer or support patients and caregivers, and to lead efforts to find better treatments and a cure for melanoma.

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Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Jun 03 Ulrika Rohman Undisclosed amount
May 25 Sloan Bail bonding Undisclosed amount
May 20 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
May 17 Farrell Griffin Undisclosed amount
May 16 David Hodgkins Undisclosed amount
May 16 David Hodgkins Undisclosed amount
May 16 Riley Wester Undisclosed amount
May 15 Anonymous $27.48
May 15 Anonymous $11.50
May 15 Tara Witt $11.50